Bringing Design to life one keyframe at a time

Everything's better in motion!

I create content

Both on and off screen, I love to create. Growing up I always created stuff, and it was only natural that I find a career that allows me to so everyday.

  • 2D Motion

    The best way to comunicate is through motion.

  • 3D Motion

    Why not make it 3D?

  • Design

    Everything, animated or not, has to be designed. This is the foundation to everything I do.

  • Live Visuals

    Gotta band that needs some awesome projections for your next show?

Some of my favorite work

some image


Can you say "overlap" ?

some image


Lots of trim paths

some image


I like GIFs

some image


A 30 sec spec project I made in school

some image


2D / 3D Hybrid promotional motion graphic for a startup.

some image

Jyllion 2

Power of the post


  • some alt

    "Zack's chops with motion graphics software have always amazed me, and his ability to breath life into what otherwise be dull, static imagery makes his motion graphic art stand out. Zack is also very personable and can offer insight into many different subfields of audiovisual production."

    Drew Annis   Decision Education Foundation